Model Decoy is Doron Monk Flake and Ari Sadowitz. Grounded firmly in rock with a heavy pour of R&B, the duo occupies a sonic space between Stevie Wonder and Soundgarden. Flake’s lyrics nod to his favorite characters from comics and beyond, and the band’s debut EP features narratives about Thor, Hulk, Fantastic 4, Scott Pilgrim, Kill Bill and cult television show Community

The nerd-driven content began as their old band, The Smyrk, was bowing out. “I had dabbled in nerdtastic compositions with ‘Dial V For Venom’ and ‘The Ballad of Fletcher Reede’” (about Spider-man and the Jim Carrey film Liar, Liar), says Flake. “But I fully realized that niche with ‘The End of Jason Todd’ and ‘Farewell to Arm,’ about Batman’s lesser known Robin and the best horror comedy ever, Evil Dead. Over Twitter, Bruce Campbell said we nailed it.”

“The transition to Model Decoy was natural,” notes Sadowitz. “I had written some things that didn’t fit the Smyrk sound, and they needed a home, so we built one.” The EP’s six songs were rounded out in the studio by longtime collaborator David Marvuglio (bass), Dan Gluszak (drums), and produced by Alex Prieto and Sadowitz. 

As Model Decoy came to life, Flake was tapped as the lead in the Warner Theatre Company’s Connecticut production of Evil Dead: The Musical, bringing him not only a chainsaw for a hand but the dream chance to play iconic everyman warrior Ash Williams. He has backed Boston cohorts Bad Rabbits on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and has been featured in several performances with the Black Rock Coalition.

After touring in Incubus bassist Ben Kenney’s band, Sadowitz joined ex-Envy on the Coast members Sal Bossio and Gluszak to form blues/rock trio Heavy English, whose debut single has been featured in film and network television. He is also the guitarist for NYC outfit Rare Futures, whose members own and operate the independent collective Cerebral Music Group, which will release new Model Decoy music later this year.

Press for Model Decoy: 

“Model Decoy underplay their ability to craft an irresistible melody…tracks like “Ciao, Knives” are hooky as fuck… album closing anthem “Scar-Spangled Banner” is like a lost dispatch from Alternative Nation.” - Afropunk 

“This was not niche geek rock, this was good fracking music that if you didn’t know it was inspired by various pop culture mediums, and you would have never known nor cared because it’s good fracking music. Period.” - Nerd Squadron 

“Model Decoy doesn't just do songs inspired by nerd culture which helps make sure they don't come off as a novelty act. It's legitimately good music that touches on a variety of topics. It's music that is humanistic first and nerd second.” - Blerds Online

📸: Eliza Benitez